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26 September 2011 @ 01:44 am
Mmm gummy cola bottles. NOMNOMNOM.  

Went to my nephew's birthday picnic thing today. My sister picked the bf and I up, as well as making bf and I food to eat when we got there, so full points to her for knowing how to impress me into helping her make her wedding invites this week! :P

So yeah, nephew didn't want a bar of me today, which I dulled about briefly, before realising I was sulky with a 3 year old. Then I felt like a bit of a loser instead. Hahaha.
Was pretty alright. Mainly lay in the sun with boyfriend and sister, ate, and tried to get nephew's attention unsuccessfully. Got given a little packet of gummy cola bottles which I saved until I just got into bed. Mmmm.

Got home from that and veged in my room. Made bf watch me play FFVII cause I gotta admit: slightly appalled that he never has. QQ

Then housemates did a CBF dinner, and bought two roast chickens and some salad mixes at Safeway, and task delegated to me to separate the chicken meat from the bones and serve it. Stabbed myself with a broken chicken thigh. I'd like to say it was an isolated lapse of concentration, but I did it three times, so it's probably just general stupidity. :P

I then decided to lay down on my floor, with bf giving me cuddles, and I fell asleep. I apparently sleep talked, but he said it was nothing interesting. I actually asked if I did, cause I woke myself up by sleep talking. I only remember saying "no". <.<

Then we booted him home, and I finally threw a bunch of stuff I put together for a friend of mine in an envelope to mail her. Pretty sure she will love it. It was likely some of the most random shit I've put in an envelope, including a hand made finger puppet called Fernando. Must. Post. Tomorrow.

Reminds me: Melbourne Show tomorrow. Baaaaah. Not sure I'm too enthusiastic. <.<

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