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06 February 2012 @ 07:13 pm
Repetition regarding teeth  

Mum's was okay. Really still quite adamant with my belief that her partner is possibly the biggest wanker in the world. Not even kidding. He's well intended but he tries too hard, and it's hard to forget all that shit he said about My sister and shit when him and mum called it quits the last time.

He doesn't seem to know I'm 21. Either that, or he doesn't know how to act with people's children. Either way, he seems to believe I'm to be treated like I'm 3. Making faces and shit and doing weird hand gestures etc. I don't even.

Mum was alright. She got close to her usual breakdowns a few times. I dunno, it's weird to spend time with her without her having a bit of a breakdown at least once.

Booked in a Pre-dentist dentist appointment for tomorrow. I can not wait until Saturday. Physically can't. Shit gotta be done. But I'm trying to keep my sat appointment too, unless he books in for surgical removal of wisdom teeth at a hospital, in which case, I'll be thrilled. I wanna be knocked the fuck out when that happens.

Did NOT wanna take time off work, but screw it.

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27needles27needles on February 6th, 2012 05:30 pm (UTC)
Ugh how patronizing.
You could ~subtly return the favour by treating him like he's really damn old. Ask him if he wants someone to cut his steak up for him or if he wants some peace and quiet in the afternoon for a nap :P

(I thought this was funny then I realised I enjoy both of those things, hahaha)